About Gemstone Rhapsody

Like the legendary phoenix, I am rising from my own ashes, ready to start life anew. I am not sure what direction my life will take in this newest incarnation, but I hope to share my story as it unfolds.



  1. Drem · December 20, 2015

    I read one of your poems. I think your work might fit.
    Would you be interested in the Write To Heal Feature opportunity on my blog, http://www.ArtOfDrem.com?

    Lemme know when you get a chance.


    • Gemstone Rhapsody · December 20, 2015

      Hi, thank you for your comment. I briefly looked at your site, and from what I can tell, we have the same intentions with our writing. I would be honored to be featured on your blog.

      I too, have an invisible illness, and I was just recently released from the hospital after a very serious suicide attempt. I am now taking steps toward healing, including therapeutic writing and reconnecting myself to the world at large through non-corporate social media.

      I am planning to write very soon about my pivotal experience in the hospital, coming back to life. Stay tuned. 😊

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