All Stopped Up

Today, it seems,
my whole being has been
by a heaviness
an unbearable pressure.

My face feels
but the mirror shows
no trace of such

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Delayed Reaction

I awoke today
and the fear was as
as the night it happened.
The fingerprint sized
marking the tender
undersides of my arms
have bloomed
and faded.
The hard painful
under my chin
still hurts
but is softening and
to itch
like an old bee sting.

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The Storm Before the Calm

In my dream, I was having a conversation. The other person was explaining to me that in order to initiate time travel it required certain environmental conditions that could only be found during lightning storms. Something about the ionic charge in the air perhaps? Thunder rumbled in the background as they made their preparations.

The thunder grew louder and I woke up.

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Intro: Why I am choosing to blog, right here, right now

Hello, old friends and new readers. As some of you know, I abandoned Facebook over a year ago, recognizing that they as a big corporation have become an evil empire primarily focused on pleasing their advertisers while ignoring the safety and well-being of their users. I used to be an avid fb user, installing the apps on my phone, sharing the details of my life frequently through written status updates and photos, sharing links to videos and articles that made me laugh or think, checking my feed multiple times per day, and using it to stay in touch with friends.

I do not miss Facebook. However, when I quit my fb habit cold turkey, I had already started to lose touch with my community.
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